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About the service

When someone else’s neglect causes your injury, you deserve compensation.

Joseph Hoxie founded Hoxie Law with the principle of being accessible to his clients. He has helped *thousands* of clients.

Holding negligent parties responsible is about more than just getting the client compensation. It is about getting the client back to their way of life. Treating their injury personally, Hoxie Law puts together a personal injury lawsuit when the insurance companies want to fight. One way to help prevent future accidents is to hold the responsible party responsible. Holding the organization or person responsible for your injury makes them act more carefully in the future.

If you or a loved one sustained serious injuries due to the actions of another person or company, you will need the legal services of a personal injury attorney near you. You don’t have to go it alone. We can provide you the help and legal advice you’ll need to fight your case.

Why Choose Hoxie Law?

Your injury affects you every hour of every day. You don’t get a break from the pain, and your limitations are always there, compromising your quality of life.

It’s hard to go about your daily routine, to work, to walk, even to sleep. And that’s just the start of your problems. Medical expenses pile up and you have to squeeze doctor’s appointments into your family’s already hectic schedule.

You’re coping with a lot right now – too much for you to handle alone. You need help getting your life back on track. That’s what our law firm is here for. We handle personal injury cases exclusively. An experienced Arizona personal injury attorney knows how stressful the weeks after an accident can be for victims, and we know how to help you through this difficult time.

Personal injury is a broad term that covers any injury you suffer to your physical person. It does not include damage to your property or to your reputation.

A personal injury claim is when you sue another person or party for causing your accident. In most cases, a personal injury claim seeks compensation from an individual or company’s insurance policy.